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bsmd applicants 2020 college confidential

When preparing for the MCAT, you go through rigorous study, and students fear that without having experienced that process before, they may not be ready to handle a similar type of process when it comes time to take the USMLE. Nearly all programs have a specific GPA requirement, and many also either strongly encourage or require involvement in medical activities such as hospital volunteering, research, etc.

If you decide to slip up on one of these, then you will likely be dropped out of the program.

bsmd applicants 2020 college confidential

Concern : Many students are concerned that by accelerating your undergraduate experience, you have less time to understand the same amount of material and are thus unable to properly absorb all the information you need for medical school. Students often say that accelerated programs are better in helping you understand material because you have no time to forget the material you just learned. And if you think about this logically, it makes sense.

Information that you learn in one science class is generally going to be applied in some other science course that you eventually take. Now if you take the first class one year and the second class the following year, then you are more likely to have forgotten material you learned in the first class than if you had taken the two classes within a time span of a few months.

In an accelerated program, this is exactly what you do; you take more classes during the summer and you take related science classes within a shorter span of time. Thus, there is really no reason for you to be at a disadvantage when you enter medical school; if anything, you probably know the information better! Also, keep in mind that most accelerated programs offer you the chance to delay your entry into medical school by a year or so if you feel the pace of the program is too fast.

Accelerated programs are meant for students who want to finish their medical training as quickly as possible, but if somewhere along the line you decide to change your mind on that, then most programs are flexible with it. If you choose to pursue a different graduate degree such as masters or PhDthen your spot will no longer be reserved in the medical school. Reality : This concern is generally something that differs on a school-to-school basis.

For example, REMS at the University of Rochester is extremely encouraging of students who want to take gap years to pursue fellowships or other graduate degrees because they believe those graduate degrees will eventually help you become a better doctor.

This same mentality may not apply across other schools though. Different schools will have different policies; the best way to find out is to ask such questions during your interview weekend.

In my general experience though, most schools are quite flexible and open to allowing students to pursue other graduate degrees in between the undergraduate and medical school years. Concern : Applicants often worry that if they commit to this program, then they are bound to attended that particular medical school and have no option to apply out to other, perhaps more prestigious, medical schools. Reality : This concern is also one that needs to be addressed on a school-to-school basis.

Some schools, like the University of Rochester, has no problems with you applying out to other schools. If you choose to take the MCAT, fill out the AMCAS application for other schools, and get into another medical school that is perhaps better suited for you, then by all means you have the right to leave. Other programs, however, might take away your reserved spot if you choose to apply out and will then require you to apply directly to the medical school to gain admission of which there is no guarantee of being accepted.

The best way to find your answer is, again, to ask questions during the interview process and decide in the end what is of greater importance to you: flexibility of choice or certainty of admission. Reality : Depending on the school and program, it may be easier or harder to change out of a career in medicine, but by no means are you bound to the career path for life. In fact, many students choose to pursue different majors while simultaneously completing their pre-med coursework.

In fact, I personally know someone who kept up all his pre-med requirements while pursuing an economics degree and decided at the end of his senior year to drop the idea of going to medical school and instead to go to Wall Street. He still had everything he needed to go to medical school if he wanted, but ultimately he decided against it.

The next post might alter your opinion a bit more in this case towards to positive side! After hearing both sides, you can make a decision in a more confident and informed manner. Dive Brief: How do you normally start to study for a test? There are so many different ways to study,[ We get questions centered around international electives a lot. Whether it is a few weeks in India, Guatemala or Peru,[ Thinking about applying to medical school?

Discover what high school students need to know about obtaining a career in medicine. Why MSC?He'll answer any question, including about his studies abroad or his research at NASA. Consult these quick resources to get you started on the process this month. As we work to adjust to the current reality, make sure to check out these dedicated COVID resources : our directory of virtual campus toursour directory of extended deadlinesas well as the list of schools going test optional this fall.

May edited June 25 in Multiple Degree Programs. Please post here if you are applying during season. May edited June Tagged: Class of Florida International University. NoviceDad replies 11 threads Senior Member. May Hi sajju you are an expert on this now! First timer here - super stressed! Are these only for NY residents? What are the pros and cons of each program? It's very confusing.

Newbie at this. GoldenRock replies 5 threads Senior Member. May edited May Pasting your post here. Unless you try, you never know the outcome. Test scores alone is not the criteria for admission.

He should start focusing on the main college essay and also the secondary essays prepare for interview etc. Should we be even applying for BSMD with below.

I think another attempt at SAT might help. Please advise! Weighted GPA: 4. Thank you GoldenRock. Message me with any questions. I am two years into my program and I have seen both sides of admissions. Apply widely and do not expect much. All you need is ONE acceptance. No need to re-take SAT. Just submit your ACT scores. If we can help anyways here let us know My son is in junior year and his unweighted GPA is 3. Thank you. She is asking if there is a preference to the admission officers if she is taking ecology or molecular.

She is scoring better on the ecology test. Your advice is greatly appreciated. I posted my question in thread.He'll answer any question, including about his studies abroad or his research at NASA. Consult these quick resources to get you started on the process this month.

Is It Worth Doing a BS/MD Program?

As we work to adjust to the current reality, make sure to check out these dedicated COVID resources : our directory of virtual campus toursour directory of extended deadlinesas well as the list of schools going test optional this fall. NoviceDad replies 11 threads Senior Member. May SAT to is a "grey" zone - there are ORM students who have made it but most folks on this forum would consider them as "outliers.

It seems you have couple of years before you need to start worrying about such hypothetical questions. No one can answer for sure, since no one can predict what may or may not work for a given program. But this is what I feel. Also if you score well in the additional science section of ACT, another data point for the selection committees to consider but we never know.

However submitting ACT may work against one's candidacy in a couple of programs as I mentioned in the past you can search the thread for the key words ACT. Vicky replies 0 threads Junior Member. MDhopetoget - Thanks for posting stats and perspectives for your child. Also, Congratulations! This is certainly good since the child can focus more on smaller number of applications. However, most other kids have applied to colleges as can be seen from the BS MD results forum.

I have been thinking of quality vs. Please apply broadly to BSMD programs. Choose more from neighboring states and a few far away states.

In state BS MD programs associated with public universities will be much cheaper and some will give preference to instate students. Depending on the answer, come up with a list. Seniors in this forum have previously posted on the recommended college list. Good Luck! If medicine is a good to have option but not the necessarily the only one or if the finances are not a concern then it doesn't matter.

Don't count on getting into NYU med school and such irrespective of how highly you may regard yourself - Depending on the school, it may not be easy to shine as brilliantly as desirable.

As mentioned earlier, for example it is better to go to instate Penn State, an excellent public school and emerge as a top student than to go to top school like UPenn and end up being middle of the pack student. Something to keep in mind. Thanks for the 20th post in results thread. Students without an SAT score will have access to the August, September, and October SAT administrations before those test dates become available to all other students.

SAT will share more details soon. ParentCA Congratulations!

SAT / ACT Prep Online Guides and Tips

Please share your D's experience with SBU once she completes her first semester - there is a separate experience thread for that. ParentCA 21 replies 0 threads Junior Member.He'll answer any question, including about his studies abroad or his research at NASA. Consult these quick resources to get you started on the process this month. As we work to adjust to the current reality, make sure to check out these dedicated COVID resources : our directory of virtual campus toursour directory of extended deadlinesas well as the list of schools going test optional this fall.

October NoviceDad patatty bearcatfan loribelle zeebamom zettasyntax Hello, My son is applying for Baylor2 medical track program for Fall and planning to attend January event if gets shortlisted.

Can some one please reply if you or your family member had experience in attending this event? How many students will attend approximately and what they would be doing there apart from the touring campus? What is academic break out session they mentioned on event page? I am curious to know about the event and on how they will select candidates for BCM Interview. Thanks in advance. NoviceDad replies 11 threads Senior Member. Smilescreen 38 replies 0 threads Junior Member.

Reposting Goldenrock post: mielcita Responding to your PM. Hence I have no idea how and what they do in each stage. Also don't remember any one went thru both stages in or cycle and hence not much info in this forum for this program.

Most likely 1st stage is to confirm if the student still interested and may be selection only by the Baylor UG committee and forward to Baylor SOM. Many feeder schools of NJMS also has the 2 stages. But at least they allow OOS to take a phone interview and expect IS or nearby states to attend in person. But Baylor does not give that option. Also remember, there is some unusual thing with Baylor SOM. It is independent of Baylor UG though the name is the same. There was some post in pre-med threads exactly on that unique thing.

Somo 71 replies 0 threads Junior Member. Threebrook 28 replies 0 threads Junior Member. These are two separate programs. Students are allowed to apply to both programs. GoldenRock replies 5 threads Senior Member. October edited October There is a parent grtd whose C attends that program and extremely happy about the program and the flexibility it offers.

bsmd applicants 2020 college confidential

Search in different threads with that handle and you can get answers to most of your questions from her post. It has 3 or 4 year options for BS and can choose any major. All these info available in their web site. Accepted health scholars must still maintain their academic profile, achieve the required score on the MCAT exam, and submit a special application to the medical school and complete an interview with the medical school during their Junior year of college.

For some reason Temple program seems to fall in the grey region. Something very eye catching is the low number of applicants to the program - they seem to have removed the stats on their portal now but used to be available till the last cycle - despite 1. If you apply and get selected, make sure you get the answer to the question before making final decision.

What percentage of the students satisfying the program requirements actually end up matriculating into the med school after the interview?College Admissions. Do you dream of becoming a doctor? The majority of these combined programs allow motivated high school students to go right from undergraduate to medical school without having to go through another application process.

While there aren't a ton of spots available in combined programs, there are schools throughout the country that offer them. Since students are already accepted to medical school, they can forgo the typical medical school admissions process near the end of undergrad. Instead of applying separately to medical school, students just go through one major admission process at the end of high school or, occasionally, a condensed application process early in college that encompasses both the undergraduate and graduate admission processes.

Programs that ask students to apply after first getting admitted to the college are typically referred to as early assurance programs. Students in combined programs commit to a specific college and medical school or network of schools. This medical school is usually part of the same institution or a partner school in the same region or college network.

For instance, the SUNY and University of Texas systems, along with the Eastern Virginia network, offer students various choices of medical schools among their connected or partner colleges.

On the other hand, students in Boston University's combined program would have to attend BU for both undergraduate and medical school. While combined programs offer students early assurance, some of them still require applicants to take and do well on the MCAT. Students must also maintain a certain GPA as they work their way through required college classes.

Many offers are conditional on the student's undergraduate and testing performance. Most combined programs are the same length as non-combined ones: eight years. In other words, most students in direct medical programs will still go to college for four years and then to medical school for four years. A few programs offer accelerated programs by compressing the amount of time spent as an undergraduate; these may be seven or even just six years in length.

For example, California Northstate University offers both an eight-year combined program and a six- to seven-year combined program. Students interested in the six-year program spend two years as an undergraduate and four years as a graduate with two summer terms. Meanwhile, seven-year students have three undergraduate years and four graduate years with one summer term, whereas eight-year students spend four years each in undergraduate and graduate studies plus one summer term.

Before taking a closer look at accelerated programs, let's go over some of the pros and cons of combined medical programs for students. Pro: you'll get to impress people by adding MD after your name whenever you sign it.

Con: you might not be able to watch shows like Grey's Anatomy anymore because of all their medical inaccuracies.

bsmd applicants 2020 college confidential

We can help. PrepScholar Admissions is the world's best admissions consulting service. We combine world-class admissions counselors with our data-driven, proprietary admissions strategies. We've overseen thousands of students get into their top choice schoolsfrom state colleges to the Ivy League.He'll answer any question, including about his studies abroad or his research at NASA.

Consult these quick resources to get you started on the process this month. As we work to adjust to the current reality, make sure to check out these dedicated COVID resources : our directory of virtual campus toursour directory of extended deadlinesas well as the list of schools going test optional this fall.

March Not scared but does not know what this entails. Does anyone know why NU has been increasing requirement from 3. March 29 edited March GoldenRock grtd Yes he plans to take a gap year and hone up his ECs which given corona not sure how much he can do. His counseller advised him against taking the mcat again. His strategy is do early decision for a lower ranked school to increase his chances.

He seems confident. Yes he will apply to DO schools as well which I think he will have no problem getting in? Is there a good thread to discuss med school applications? NoviceDad replies 11 threads Senior Member. I agree with PPofEngrDr 's comment. May be I am biased toward HPME as my D is there and I have seen her grow, to me it is better choice - both from undergrad and med school perspective. And add to that brand prestige as a cherry on the cake.

I don't want to go into too much detail on my stats or my regular, undergrad schools for privacy, but I'll include a little bit. I'll also post to the results thread. I'm now at the dreaded stage of comparing the two programs to decide which to join, as well as thinking through finances.

It's a really tough decision, and I honestly have no clue what I'm going to do right now. I have likes and dislikes at both. If there is anyone on this forum that is a current student at either, or even just wants to offer some kind advice, I'd be interested. In Case. GPA 3. Legacy for my younger son in case. He has written his MCAT and scored a and will apply this cycle. What are his chances for med school?Jul 14, From community college to online programs.

***Official Thread for 2020 BSMD applicants***

Jul 14, I got an invitation to attend the Baylor2 medical program. That is not the same thing as an interview right? Jul 14, I really want to know what the number of students admitted to the program are and how many complete it and go onto Baylor Med school. Baylor 2 Medical Track Program. Jul 14, I'll be attending Baylor's I2E program this weekend. College Confidential stands united with African American students and 2 How much interaction will students have with faculty on Saturday during the breakout sessions?

He was in the healthcare related group. Quality and facilities available, areas of expertise of the medical school. Baylor2Baylor Medical Track Interview! Jul 14, My daughter received her acceptance to Baylor last night. Instead, he was invited to apply for Pre-med distinguished scholars day on February 24 which was not listed on the web site. Jul 14, Swagmaster10 8 replies2 threads New Member. Jul 14, Does anyone know the average stats ACT scores, etc.

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