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Wow, you made a lot of levels. I tried Truedoom. I think I'll play through it in multiplayer with fast monsters for more challenge the levels don't seem that hard. I played through 8 maps of Truedoom in multiplayer with fast monsters and 2x damage. I liked the geometry and monster placement in most levels but I also have two big complaints. The first is that there are way too many powerups.

The maps are pretty easy to begin with so all the megaspheres seemed like an overkill even for the hard settings that we were using.

I especially don't like how you often give a green sphere before cyberdemons. What's the point if the player can just stand safely, do a few BFG shots and kill the cyber? Number two and the most important one: there is barely any brightness variation in these levels. That often makes them look really bland. But still pretty cool oldschool maps. Thank's for the feed back about truedoomi built that map a few years agothe same with hellboss there older map's from when i first started building map's.

Truedoom i made some changes to the wadremoved the cyberdemon in map 01 ,i caught on to that after i played the wad i didn't like it either,it's better now with out that cyberdemon lol.

I took a look the first and last megawads on that list. You improved a lot, how much time is there between them? Now for practical purposes I'll only give feedback on Truedoom.

Light variation is almost non-existent, most levels use the same, boring and uninspired light levels. Play with darkness and shadows and you'll notice a huge improvement on your maps depth. Texturing seems random and nonsensical on most places, there is never a sense of "place". Before building a map, try choosing a particular theme and how to implement it; if it helps, try picturing a place and create a mental history on how it came to be.

Level layout is hit or miss, some levels flow nicely while some others have bullshit progression. And while we're on levels you should really vary the shapes you use; most maps are really boxy, which makes them boring in a long play session. Also use key markers on doors! Difficulty and item placement: What Memfis said. I've played through all maps in multiplayer and I think only map23 had a marked door.

doom wad collection

When I saw it I was like woooow, what is this. But honestly I didn't mind it, just a simple memory test. I also liked how you never know what's a teleport and what isn't, keeps you on your toes. The design is almost fine by me, I just with there was some more variation in brightness and texturing lots of maps use same textures. Would be cool to see another wad like this but maybe harder and with less powerups.

Even with fast and 2x strong monsters it was often relaxing. Thank you for the feed backya i spent a lot of time building them doom wadsif i build another doom wad i will be sure to do better thank you for the review lol.Established Foggy Jungle.

Bad Religion for Doom 2. Morixmas for Doom 2. Virtual Temple for Doom 2. Poison Hub for Doom. Travel to the Moon for Doom II. PhobosDeimos Anomaly for original Doom.

Moonbase for Doom 2.

doom wad collection

Maihama Station for Doom 2. Doom Reborn for Doom3 update. Cyberdreams for Doom 2. Janitor VS. Zombies 2. My Wads! No advertising. No sponsors. No popups. This free script provided by JavaScript Kit. Don't forget. You can get all the newest wads. This site is here to provide all of you with a comprehensive location for all of your Doom needs. I have noticed a pretty large uptick in traffic as the Covid virus has sent more and more people home. Stay safe my fellow Doomers.

We are all in this together and I'm glad my humble little website can provide some relief as a resource so that you can play one of the best games of all time.

So, again, stay safe. We are hunkering down here. Drinking and watching movies. Do you like to write?

The Top 100 WADs Of All Time

Love playing Doom? Have I got something for you! If interested this is NOT paidplease email me.Let the Obsession begin. This time, the entire forces of the netherworld have overrun Earth.

To save her, you must descend into the stygian depths of Hell itself! Battle mightier, nastier, deadlier demons and monsters. Use more powerful weapons. Survive more mind-blowing explosions and more of the bloodiest, fiercest, most awesome blastfest ever!

No matter which way you choose, get ready for adrenaline-pumping, action-packed excitement that's sure to give your heart a real workout. Collection of my favorite Doom 2 addons.

Each addon is universal and can be used with most maps, most gameplay mods and most megawads, as plug and play features. These are universal addons that can used many gameplay mods and on their own too. I use these almost always and rarely play without them. None of these were made by me. Only use one at a time. Can be tweaked for triple and more jumps too. Fully universal, can be used with nearly anything. Fully universal, can be used with nearly anything, except with mods that already have this.

A lot of it. Very satisfying. Replaces monsters, so only universally with mod that do not replace monsters. I like Doom 1 textures more, so its just a preference thing.These are some of the most notable WADs released in the history of Doom. There are no set criteria for what makes a WAD considered notable.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? F Functional Can be played in this mode, although it may not be designed for it. N Nonfunctional Cannot be played in this mode. Categories :. YEDS team. Action Doom [3].

Stephen "Scuba Steve" Browning. Action Doom 2: Urban Brawl [4]. Aliens TC [5]. First total conversion to be released. Alien Vendetta [6]. An advanced engine is not needed, but due to the number of monsters and the limitations of Vanilla Doomsprites may disappear.

Batman DOOM [7]. A bug fix is recommended for vanilla Doom users. The Brotherhood of Ruin [8]. Cacodemon Squad. Caverns of Darkness [9]. The Chaos Crew.

Risen3D patch here. Chosen [10]. Lil' White Mouse.This site is copyright Benjamin Johnson. It has been brought to my attention that some little idiot kid named tnucAmi is impersonating me over at the WADS in Progress website! I would like to stress that this is NOT me, and he is doing this without my permission to post!

doom wad collection

I apologize to anyone he's offended while doing this, and would like to stress again that he is NOT ME. Please do not let his poor behavior reflect on me or my levels. Since that time, it is a rare month indeed that I do not play Doom. GZDoom is a full 3D accelerated version of Doom with awesome enhancements like wide-screen support, 5. Sadly, there are far too few Doom WADs that actually take full advantage of these enhancements.

I hope to post my own levels, as well as any I can find that take full advantage of the enhancements in GZDoom. Fight your way across a beautiful island and into otherworldly dreamscapes as you attempt to rid one more corner of earth of the demon menace!

This is one huge file, and it needs a beefy computer to run it! If you want maximum details, you'll need at least an Nvidia GeForcewhich is what the levels were designed on. I did make selectable detail levels, and even a low-res version of the maps, so most folks should be able to run the levels one way or another.

The starting area. Look at those graphics! Can vanilla Doom do this? Can Zdoom do this? No way, only GZDoom has the power to render visuals like this! Deep into a murky swamp. This area is eerily quiet, with quick bursts of demonic attack as you lurch your way through the muck. Watch a full playthrough right here in p HD! I skipped most secrets for the run. Download The Island now! Full on, awesome resolution and mega detail version!

This new version is updated to work with 3. The "I need a new computer. The wooden stairs will be the sticking point. This version is updated to work with 3.

Like the combat song? Get the full thing here! I think it was maybe the spooky music or something, but I played this level a TON and truly felt like it was a real place. This remake attempts to enhance the level as far as I can take it with my harmonica skills. You'll need a beefy computer to run this! This park is all indoors and is fertilized with recycled nuclear waste!

The DOOM Level CD Collection

Note the use of particle grass and trees, which is a first for GZDoom, as far as I know. Teleporter machinery swirls and hums as the pad awaits far above.

Note the use of dynamic lighting instead of Doom's static sector lighting, which gives the scene a more realistic feel. Show it to me and if it's good, I'll host it here! Made by Tormentor, it replaces Doom's weapons, textures and monsters with ones from Blood.

The DOOM Level CD Collection

This is a strangely effective concept, and it is very well done here.View previous topic :: View next topic. Joseph Collins God like! Indeed, I am the one who is as fortunate as to have come across such a rare item. Perhaps most, if not all of these WAD files are quite available amidst the internet in all its glory these days, but regardless, here is what composes this compact disc.

Warning: Ridiculously long lists below. WAD EP. WAD K9. WAD WAD 9-TO WAD A2. WAD AA WAD D WAD DB WAD DG. WAD DM1. WAD E1L WAD E1M1. WAD E1M WAD E WAD FC2.

TOP 10 DOOM Singleplayer MODS

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doom wad collection

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Wad Archive has been migrated to a new server and the underlying code has been completely re-written. It should now be more quicker, more stable and easier to maintain. There might still be a few issues to do with the changes so if you see any please get in contact. There is now over 42, WADs that can now be downloaded. That is a total of over GB in size! More are still being added every day. In other news, Doom 4 is out now! Downloading requires a free account that can be created over on the sign up page.

Toggle navigation Wad Archive. New Server 7 Mar 18 Wad Archive has been migrated to a new server and the underlying code has been completely re-written. There might still be a few issues to do with the changes so if you see any please get in contact With the new server there is now a new category called idGames. Downloads and comments! Downloading requires a free account that can be created over on the sign up page With an account it is also possible to post comments at the bottom of each WAD, PK3 or Disc.

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