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Video Encoder for live streaming Wowza Media Systems. How to set ENC H. HEVC we also call it H. It is the successor of the widely used h. Eventually, HEVC or h. Note: Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, huawei, mediatek, nokia, qualcomm, samsung and SONY are members of the jct-vc working group. HEVC is the video compression standard designed for the latest generation of high resolution video.

It provides higher compression efficiency and saves half of the network transmission bandwidth.

Advantages of M2TS compared to MKV for Blu-ray rips

HEVC offers many new features, but the following benefits are of interest to consumers. Better compression Compared to the h. In fact, HEVC compresses video twice as efficiently as h. With HEVC, video of the same visual quality occupies only half the space. Alternatively, video with the same file size and bit rate can render better quality. For example, in any given frame, it can look for areas that are mostly the same color.

Of course, any video will lose quality if you compress it too much, but the smarter these techniques are, the more you can compress a video before getting to that point.

Improved interframe motion prediction A major factor in video compression is the predicted motion or lack thereof between frames. With improved motion prediction, HEVC can provide smaller file sizes and higher compression quality.

hevc vs blu ray

This can be achieved by describing the pixel layout using a mathematical function rather than the actual pixel value. This feature takes up less space than pixel data, reducing the file size. However, codecs must support sufficiently advanced mathematical functions for the technology to really work.

The interframe prediction function of HEVC is more detailed than that of h. Parallel Processing HEVC can encode and decode the partial unit and fragment layer of the frame independently. This means that the decoding process can be split across multiple parallel processing threads, taking advantage of more efficient decoding opportunities on existing standard multicore processors.

hevc vs blu ray

With the increasing resolution of video, this efficiency improvement requires decoding video at a viewable speed on low-end hardware. Currently, only a few cameras can produce 8K video, and very few monitors can display this resolution. HEVC main IPTV program head end system, based on this as the core derived a variety of streaming media applications, such as Netfli, video conference, online teaching system, web celebrity live and so on….

Explain the importance of encoder in IPTV solution, the core of streaming video and audio encoders is to provide high quality and stable live streaming, then send it to the streaming service for distribution, and finally the client accesses the streaming server to watch the program. Because it is a very important source in the whole scheme, it is necessary to analyze the streaming media video and audio encoders.

The software encoder adopts the combination of video and audio acquisition card and computer, video and audio signals are encoded and pushed by computer software.

The advantage of this system is that video has good quality with low code rate and flexible extension function, but running on high code rate or H coding algorithm requires a lot of computer configuration requirements, and it is very unstable to use Windows operating system at the same time,It cannot provide low latency live streaming.

As shown in figure 3. The average video streamer using a live streaming service can often get away with using software encoding. However, for professional applications, hardware encoders are turnkey devices dedicated solely to the fast, efficient and reliable encoding of video streams.I chose to rip to MKV files without any re-encoding. That enabled me to preserve the original video quality but save a bit of disk space by eliminating unnecessary subtitle and audio tracks.

However, I have recently become aware that I also can copy the primary M2TS file on a Blu-ray disk then this format appears to offer some advantages over MKV, despite the larger file size Why are they not backing up to M2TS files? I watched a video online where a user of MakeMKV was showing people how to back up a blu-ray disc movie to an mkv file, which took forever and appeared the video was being recompressed.

All software video players and hardware media players play M2TS files these days. What am I missing here regarding more people making mkv files rather than M2TS files? Contrary to popular belief, MKV files are not an audio or video compression format. In reality, MKV files are actually multimedia container formats.

300 : Comparatif 4K Ultra HD vs Blu-ray

This essentially means that it is a container that can incorporate audio, video, and subtitles into a single file even if they use a different type of encoding. MKV container files were designed to be future proof, meaning that the files would not become outdated. For this reason, Matroska developers included several key features. These include fast seeking, chapter, menu, and metadata support, different selectable audio and video streams, online streaming compatibility, subtitle hard-coded and soft-coded support, and error recovery allows for playback of corrupted files.

The container itself also supports almost any audio and video format, which makes it highly adaptive and easy to use. Backing up Blu-ray into the same M2TS container can preserve all audio info and subtitles info without changing anything. The commonly-used re-encoding or transcoding never happened on the exported M2TS backup files, this insure that there will not be quality loss in the output M2TS video at all.

The Directly Copy feature directly removes copy-protections from commercial Blu-ray disc, and keeps the original M2TS streams as a Blu-ray backup without re-encoding them to a different format, so the full backup process costs much less time than that of the Blu-ray to MKV backup. You can preserve all Meta info such as chapter markers, audio tracks, video contents, subtitles streams in a Blu-ray movie when ripping it to MKV.

You are free to skip and select whatever chapters, audio and subtitles tracks you want at will. Many programs can do intact M2TS backup or lossless MKV backup, but it is a little hard to find an all-in-one too with both of them. But Pavtube ByteCopy can meet almost all your needs for backup. Once completed, you will get a M2TS backup keeping the same quality with original Blu-ray. In this way, you will get a MKV backup without quality loss.

No menus. Have to do the extra features as separate files. MKV has chapter support and alternate endings. MT2S are the video files on the bluray. Promotion Free Gift.

Pavtube ByteCopy. Related Articles. What You May be Interested. Free Trial. Tweet 0. Popular Topics. Pavtube Youtube. Hottest Tags.Multiview Video Coding MVCalso known as MVC 3D is a stereoscopic video coding standard for video compression that allows for the efficient encoding of video sequences captured simultaneously from multiple camera angles in a single video stream. MVC formatting is intended for encoding stereoscopic two-view 3D videoas well as free viewpoint television and multi-view 3D television.

MVC is based on the idea that video recordings of the same scene from multiple angles share many common elements. It is possible to encode all simultaneous frames captured in the same elementary stream and to share as much information as possible across the different layers. This can reduce size of the encoded video. Multiview video contains a large amount of inter-view statistical dependencies, since all cameras capture the same scene from different viewpoints.

Therefore, combined temporal and inter-view prediction is important for efficient MVC encoding. A frame from a certain camera can be predicted not only from temporally related frames from the same camera, but also from the frames of neighboring cameras. These interdependencies can be used for efficient prediction.

As of Aprilthere is still no free and open-source software that supports software decoding of the MVC video compression standard.

4K UHD VS Blu ray VS DVD Comparison: Top Differences and Advantages

So popular open source H. In most cases the reason for this support not being added is that MVC was not considered when the initial core H. Some proof-of-concept work has however been done downstream in the past but never made it upstream into official releases of FFmpeg or Libav. On March 8,the situation improved. Version 0. With the aid of this release and FRIM [15] written by a programmer named "videohelp3d" [16] it is possible to write an AviSynth script to pre process a H.

LAV Filters can be used to get audio from H. The developer [18] posted that in a future release of it might be possible that LAV Video renders the video as Side-by-Side directly.

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CRF Guide (Constant Rate Factor in x264, x265 and libvpx)

This article's tone or style may not reflect the encyclopedic tone used on Wikipedia. Relevant discussion may be found on the talk page. See Wikipedia's guide to writing better articles for suggestions. January Learn how and when to remove this template message. Archived from the original PDF on 19 July Retrieved 13 January Retrieved 11 July Binocular rivalry Binocular vision Chromostereopsis Convergence insufficiency Correspondence problem Peripheral vision Depth perception Epipolar geometry Kinetic depth effect Stereoblindness Stereopsis Stereopsis recovery Stereoscopic acuity.With x and x, you can set the values between 0 and 51, where lower values would result in better quality, at the expense of higher file sizes.

Higher values mean more compression, but at some point you will notice the quality degradation. For x, sane values are between 18 and The default is 23, so you can use this as a starting point. For libvpx, there is no default, and CRF can range between 0 and Is the quality good enough?

Then set a lower CRF. Is the file size too high? Choose a higher CRF. You should use CRF encoding primarly for offline file storage, in order to achieve the most optimal encodes. For other applications, other rate control modes are recommended. For other CRFs and resolutions, the rates vary accordingly. You can clearly see the logarithmic relationship between CRF and bitrate. Typically you would achieve constant quality by compressing every frame of the same type the same amount, that is, throwing away the same relative amount of information.

In tech terminology, you maintain a constant QP quantization parameter. The quantization parameter defines how much information to discard from a given block of pixels a Macroblock. This typically leads to a hugely varying bitrate over the entire sequence. Constant Rate Factor is a little more sophisticated than that. It will compress different frames by different amounts, thus varying the QP as necessary to maintain a certain level of perceived quality. It does this by taking motion into account.

This will essentially change the bitrate allocation over time. For example, here is a figure from another post of mine that shows how the bitrate changes for two video clips encoded at different levels 17, 23 of constant QP or CRF:. The line for CRF is always lower than the line for CQP; it means that the encoder can save bits, while retaining perceptual quality, whereas with CQP, you waste a little bit of space.And now the format battle has spread to 4K UHD as this fledgling high resolution is becoming a particularly welcome recently.

As for standard DVDs, most of them have a a standard definition resolution of or enhanced definition resolution of This quality will give enough clear image on standard TV if you sit far enough. That's why why Blu ray is better than DVD in a way. The biggest difference is that 4K supports resolutions up to x 4Kwhile others cap out at x p.

This significant difference however seems to be surprisingly subtle for human eyes. Storage means that how much data can the format hold. A standard DVD can host about 4. Accordingly, a dual layer DVD can host four hours of movie.

How about Blu ray versus DVD? Compared to DVD, Blu-ray disc means five to ten times increase in storage. A great way to safekeep them against any damage is to copy DVD to hard driveso that you can also archieve the discs and play them on the go. The concept of 4K can date back to as early asbut it didn't come into vogue until Many users are wondering if they can play blu ray disc on regular DVD players.

The answer is no. This is because that data stored on Blu ray disc need blue laser to read while the red lasers used in regular DVD player are too large. In the Blu ray vs DVD comparison, the latter obviously enjoys greater compatibility as it can be played on both regular and Blu-ray players. Here is also the recommendation of best DVD ripper for Mac review for you to make a digital copy of discs for mobile playback.

We know that in Bluray vs 4K review, both formats provide high image quality, which disable many players online. Tips : Well, if you want to play 4K UHD movies videos on mobiles, a reliable 4K video converter like the above mentioned one can help. Despite which is more compatible in 4K vs Blu ray vs DVD review, if you want to play the three formats freely on Mac or PC, another option is to pick up a versatile 4K UHD video player which can host the three and more formats in high quality like 5KPlayer.

While being the future of high resolution market, Ultra HD formats however will not make your HD Blu-ray collections obsolete. Put aside that which format will you prefer in DVD vs Blu ray vs 4Khere we also share your tips on how to watch DVD in high quality more easily on mobiles. Author: Bella Brown Updated on Dec 10, What's the difference among 4K, 8K and 10K?

Want to download 4k Ultra HD video and movie with no error? MKV or MP4, wonder know which one to choose? This article gives a brief comparison between MKV and MP4 to help you choose the right one that suits your needs better. Digiarty Software is not developed by or affiliated with Apple Inc. Secure Download. Cult of Mac review.VideoHelp Forum. Remember Me? Download free trial! Results 1 to 16 of I have done my fair share of research but there is one tidbit of info I can't seem to find.

In general terms what are the equivalencies, in terms of encoding settings, between something I would have encoded in H but now does so in HEVC, in order of course, to achieve the same visual fidelity?

I understand that quality is dependent on the content but I am not looking for a specific setting, just a general ballpark estimate that would guide me in my tests ahead. But a lot depends on the encoder and settings used. Yes this is what I have seen floating around but it still somehow feels vague for me, I know I am stupid.

Any chance that you, or others, know of a test that was posted here or somewhere else and that it is the same files but encoded in both format and show the same quality?

So I could easily download them, analyze them and see for myself? But that would only tell you about those particular videos, those particular encoders, and those particular settings. There are lots of such comparisons like that here. Most comparing hardware encoders to software encoders.

Originally Posted by jagabo. Detail seems to be gone using HEVC, using x for example comparing to xso I'd say it is meant for higher resolutions so far, where there is enough pixels in the first placelike 4k and that bandwith savings can get huge also.

Especially web streaming, downloads. But x is still in development. If it ain't broken do not fix it. Not like there is the end of the World for new codecs. No need to be in a hurry and encode into those latest codecs or worse to even re-encode.

Then you start to increase quantizer with x to find out how high you can go to have visually the same result.

hevc vs blu ray

Use 10bit for HEVC, not sure why to bother with 8bit. Then you compare volumes. You might be surprised. This is the only reason to use HEVC - justified volume difference.You'll need to look closely to spot the differences in the frames below. As we're looking at different forms of compression, the images generally look pretty similar, except in fine details. Typically you can spot the better encode by looking for sharper detail on faces and fabrics such as shirts; less blocking in blurred backgrounds or other smooth gradient areas; and fewer artefacts.

The frames that follow are x crops of the full x frame. They are not downscaled in any way. My custom preset delivers significantly improved fine detail, less background blocking, and better clarity during moving scenes. It should be noted here that my custom H. The source does have higher quality throughout, though with a file size around three times larger.

Here you can see the difference between the two best presets in my opinion: x Medium and my custom H. There is very little difference in visual quality, with a slight advantage to H. When playing back the video, the differences between the two are practically indistinguishable.

This is a great result for HEVC, as it exhibits nearly identical quality in a file less than half the size. If anything, Medium is slightly better quality when displaying facial detail, at a smaller bitrate.

Medium has a small advantage in fine still detail here, and slightly less blocking, at a significantly smaller file size. By extension, Ultrafast encodes are also inferior to Medium encodes, although they take less than half the time to encode.

And just in case you were wondering how the HEVC Medium encode compares to the original, these are the comparisons for you. For the best comparisons, check out the archive that includes every scene I used above for every encode in high-quality images. If you enjoy our content, please consider subscribing User Comments: 47 Got something to say? Post a comment. Add your comment to this article You need to be a member to leave a comment. Join thousands of tech enthusiasts and participate.

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