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Being really, really, really ridiculously good looking. Can I try to negotiate this with management? I can watch what I eat, but I refuse to go to the gym. I exercise like a maniac, but no, I won't diet. I'm just going to do me and not worry about that stuff. The youngest donsaeng of the group. You suck it up but still dislike the person. Try to ask management to take the person out. Vehemently refuse to be part of the team.

Compete, and the loser leaves the team. Make an effort to get along with the fellow trainee. Pretend to be nice but find a way to get rid of them. You want to prove that you're the best. Now is a good time to half-ass my efforts. The wealth you might earn as a K-pop idol. This post was created by a member of the BuzzFeed Community.

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Posted on Jun 15, At what age do you get into training? Before I hit Teenage years. Early 20s. How would others rate your beauty? What do you consider your best talent? Songwriting and producing. Something else. What's something you wish you were good at, but you really aren't no matter how hard you train?

Comedic skills. Hosting skills. You've just gotten your daily schedule. Your training starts at 5 a. How do you feel about this? Piece of cake. Break down and cry. What will make you stand out from the rest of the competition?At the ultimate home of hip hop, you will be exposed to multi-talented artists like G-Dragon, Ku Hye Sun, and Tablo, and be part of the YG Family of singers, models, actors, rappers, and songwriters.

Being a member of SM Town means you not only possess the looks, but also the talents of becoming a hallyu idol.

if you were a kpop idol quiz

Joining the JYP Nation will help you become an all-around performer, skilled in singing, dancing and acting. Home to multi-talented artists in singing, dancing, hosting, and acting, you will surely go a long way here, in one of the best talent agencies in Korea. Flying, and Juniel! With artists widely recognized and loved not only in Asia but internationally as well, FNC Entertainment is the best agency for you. You are full of swag, style, and world class talent like 4Minute, Beast, G.

Home to such dedicated and passionate artists, Cube Entertainment will definitely guide you in becoming a world class performer. Being with DSP Media will enhance your talents and help you develop new skills to becoming a well loved performer like their existing pool of artists. You have the qualities of a certified hitmaker like Secret, B.

P, Sonamoo, and Untouchable! Representing successful and musically talented artists, TS Entertainment will definitely boost your potential of becoming a true K-pop idol. Which Korean entertainment agency is the right fit for you?

Take this quiz to find out! If you were to pick an album cover, which would it be? Which would you eat first? Korean Steamed Buns. Korean Egg Bread. Korean-style Mochi. Spicy Rice Cake. Korean Walnut Cake. Korean Sweet Pancakes. Korean Fish Cake. What do you do to unwind on a quiet, Sunday afternoon? Dance to your favorite pop tracks. Take a trip to the museum. Take a long, warm bath and relax all afternoon. Go shopping. Draw something, create music, make a homemade video.

Write a poem or a blog post. Bake muffins and cookies. Watch a movie in the cinema.Please leave empty:. Some roles combined. To make music. No exact reason I just want to. To make my dreams come true. Becoming a trainee is hard work. First, there's getting your skills up and practicing for hours. If you get a callback, then you have to go meet them in person, move to Korea, become a trainee for years to learn Korean culture, and train for hours every day for like, four years.

Then you might not even debut. Will you still do it? Hell, no. Stop the concert! You're having a conflict with one of your band members. She says you're lazy. What do you do? Calm her down. Ask her what I can do to improve. Ignore her. Punch her. Push through it.You would be the visual also known as face of the groupvisuals are considered the best looking member of the group and usually get the most screen time and often stand in the middle for photo shoots, some Visuals are Girls' Generation's Yoona, VIXX's Hongbin, and Twice's Tzuyu.

You would be the Maknae of the group, the Maknae is the youngest member of the group and usually but not always does lots of agyeo. You would be the main dancer of the group, the main dancer is the best dancer in the group and often has solo dance breaks, some main dancers are B.

P's Jongup, f x 's Victoria, and Seventeen's Hoshi.

Start Your Own K-Pop Group And We'll Reveal If Your Group Will Make It Big Or Fail

You would be the main vocalist of the group, the main vocalist is considered the best singer in the group and usually gets the most lines in a song and sings the most challenging parts of the song, some main vocalists are Cross Gene's Yongseok, After School's Raina, and NU'EST's Baekho.

Take this test to find out what position you would have if you where in a k-pop group. Created by flufflerpuff. How often do you get complimented on your looks? Pretty often. Every now and then. I don't get complimented very much. I don't need compliments I know I'm good looking.

Do you consider yourself a good singer? I'm average. People tell me I'm a good singer. I'm not very good. I think I'm an amazing singer.

Which K-POP Group Are You? - Personality Test

Are you good at rapping? I'm a great rapper. I'm pretty good. I can't rap. I'm okay. How good of a dancer are you? I'm an awesome dancer. I can dance pretty well.

I'm very uncoordinated. My dancing is normal. How old are you? Are you good at Aegyo? Do you like to be in charge? I don't mind being in charge. Do you like to be in the spotlight? It doesn't matter to me. What is your favorite genres of music besides K-pop? Out of these which is your favorite boy group? Out of these which is you favorite girl group? Girls' Generation. After School. If you were in a K-pop group what concept would you like to do?Baek-hyun is the major vocalist of superpopular band EXO, he creates the atmosphere in the band, talks a lot and is always full of energy.

And we don't even tell about his charming voice : Make sure to share the quiz with kpopers-friends, probably, they also want to know which idol they resemble. Jimin is a vocalist and the leading dancer of BTS, perhaps, the most famous k-pop band so far. It's equally easy to make him laugh and go mad, he cannot imagine life without dancing and workouts, and he's afraid of mice.

Make sure to share the quiz with kpopers-friends, probably, they also want to know which idol they resemble. She likes makeup, cooks well and likes watching funny doramas.

She's usually noisy, but becomes calmer when she's dancing or rapping. She's a sex symbol of the band, has an incredible charisma and five tattoos. Taeyong is the frontman of NCTthe major dancer and face of the band, he also composes lyrics. He can't stand dirt, is afraid of dentists, takes an interest in photography and loves anime. Besides, he believes that the best way to relax is to sleep yourself out : Make sure to share the quiz with kpopers-friends, probably, they also want to know which idol they resemble.

Daniel speaks English very well and likes skating. Which k-pop idol are you? Today Korean music is everywhere, and, most likely, you have not been spared it. And have you ever wondered which of the idols you have more in common with? Take the quiz and find out :. Display intro title, cover, desctiption.

Display social links. Display author, date and views count. What would you eat? What sport do you like most? Be the best in what you're doing Do everything while you can Beauty is not everything Life is a long way studded with barriers we need to overcome Live passionately I'd rather knuckle under than break What hair color do you like most? Baek-hyun from EXO Baek-hyun is the major vocalist of superpopular band EXO, he creates the atmosphere in the band, talks a lot and is always full of energy.Hello guys!

This is my first quiz so sorry if I messed up haha I've seen sooo many "how fit are you to be a kidol" quizzes that aren't accurate at all, and definitely won't prepare you for idol life I know mine isn't the best either, but I tried my best and I hope you enjoy!

NOTE: photos for each question were picked randomly.

if you were a kpop idol quiz

I'd rather learn from professional teachers, even if it will put more on my training schedule. You're a trainee and your company debuts a new group, but you're not a part of it. What do you do? Your company makes you train nonstop for an upcoming event to the point where you're constantly sore.

Talk to the staff and try to convince them there are more proper ways to lose weight, like extra exercise. Act like it doesn't bother you but secretly let your emotions out because the mental stress is too much.

Ignore it, it probably won't be too bad at the end. The reason behind the controversy is kind of stupid anyway. You're practicing with one of the company's professional trainers and no matter how much you try to improve they don't seem happy, what do you do? It's been 3 years since debut and your band doesn't seem to go any further, what do you do?

I'd rather be alone, but as long as my roomates aren't bothering me at home, I'm ok. Uh oh! Have a deep conversation with both parties and explain them how this can damage our career and friendship.

Which k-pop idol are you?

That's it, thank you for taking my quiz! I hope you enjoyed it. I tried to do the best I could to make it as realistic as possible. Click OK to view your final result won't affect anything.

Make Some Tough Choices To See If You Could Survive K-Pop Training

But don't give up! Keep fighting your way through! Just because you're far from everyone else doesn't mean you can't achieve your dream! Your chances are Almost there!

You don't have everything that being a kpop idol takes, but you're still pretty good! Halfway there! Being halfway from fitting to the kpop idol lifestyle is very good for you, just keep improving on your flaws and I'm sure you'll get there! You have some serious idol material in you! Have you considered auditioning yet?

If you did audition then I wish you the best of luck! If you'll ever become a kpop idol, I'm sure you'd make it far! Do you easily give up? Depends on my mood.

if you were a kpop idol quiz

Depends on how important the goal is. I won't stop until I achieve what I aimed for.CL is a world-trotting K-pop star who is amazing just like you. You are both the baddest in your classes with fierce personalities and clear goals for the future. Taeyeon is your K-pop personality twin!

Your bubbly personality and serious talent carry you through thick and thin. Creativity drives you and gives you fulfillment. You have eclectic interests that are fueled by ambition, which makes you a trail blazer. Both you and L or Myungsoo can transition into any situation with your ability to adapt.

Your affable nature allows you to fit in anywhere and make friends wherever you go! Your fun personalities walk hand-in-hand with your tireless work ethic. Both of you are bundles of energy who light up any room. You may be a little awkward, but your talents and hard work gain you well-deserved respect. This young starlet is looking at you to be her twinsie. A fun combination of bright and focused, you both stand out from the pack with your glittering personality.

On the flip side, you need some serious alone time to get your creative groove on, which is great because you make great company! The powerhouse vocalist of Sistar and you have something in common! The natural leader in you guides your ability to succeed and inspires others to do the same. There is a K-pop idol in all of us. Who is your K-pop personality twin? Which is your favorite food? Where did you grow up? An average-sized city.

The country. A small town. The big city. When were you born? Summer June, July, August. Fall September, October, November. Winter December, January, February. Spring March, April, May. Which is your favorite color? Which is your favorite hobby? Listening to music. Scientific pursuits. Watching movies. Web surfing.

If you were in a K-pop group, which member would you be? What is your aegyo style?

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