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Live Now. Explore the All-New. Mondays 8P. Street Outlaws: Memphis. Stiffer competition. Bigger, faster cars. It's a new season of Street Outlaws: Memphis! Watch the latest episode. The latest episode. Race night gets rowdy when Memphis welcomes a new racing group from Virginia. The newcomers talk a big game but run out of cars after only a few races, leaving Molly and Ole Heavy without a race until Virginia can fix their cars and return. FREE season premiere. Quinn has a big mouth and the fast cars to back it up, forcing the MSO to go all hands on deck for a win.

New York comes to town. Full Episodes. Street Outlaws is traveling to the toughest, meanest and wildest streets in the South, as it heads to Memphis to spotlight JJ Da Boss and his team of family and friends who have been racing together for decades. Sign In. JJ da Boss and his wife, Tricia welcome us to Memphis by introducing their family of racers. We learn about racing in Memphis, where there is no list, just Memphis against the world and get a sneak peek at all the action.

Welcome to Memphis, where JJ and his family of racers do things a little differently. When JJ invites some of the biggest names in street racing to come to Memphis and race for money, the Memphis racers have to step up for their city. Things get wild in the streets when Team Memphis race for crazy bets and hope for big wins. Appalachian Accidents.This was a controversial show for many, especially many readers, who read our content.

So many people have wondered why the was not invited. There have been a lot of speculation about it, but nothing has been confirmed by either the Discovery Channel or Pilgrim Media Group, which films the show for Discovery. And this show was taped back in August and September, so that may have been conflicts of schedules. But with this show, he got eight teams from around the country to compete in Memphis, Tennessee.

Most of the other people — the New Orleans crew and the other guys — most of them are really no prep racers, or no prep stars, which is what we call them. They are not real street racers. If they were, they would have already come to Memphis, TN, because we have a lot of money to bet. Team Nola, led by Kye Kelley, was one of eight teams, who competed in this show. They also knew what was at stake. They knew they had to go through multiple teams, while Memphis just had to sit and watch, as the other teams got data and put passes on their equipment.

Despite that, Team Nola faced Team Memphis in the final round of the tournament. The final round of the show was taped in Las Vegas, Nevada on a virgin road back in late September. Team Memphis was able to play the strategy right, as they were the first team to seven wins over Team Nola.

JJ Da Boss then gave Taylor time to fix his car. The Shocker had problems, which gave Memphis the lead. In the final pairing, James defeated Taylor for the win.

At the end of the show, JJ Da Boss went into a garage that featured more teams to compete in the second season. And, no, the will not be featured in the second season of the show either. This was the second known time that there was a national call out on the show. Street Outlaws previously invited several teams to Oklahoma City to have a race. All information contained in this Digital Publication are copyright by The Capital Sports Report, and may not be duplicated, copied, modified or adapted, in any way without our written permission.

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Why THE 405 is Not Racing in Street Outlaws Fastest In America!

Explore the All-New. Watch every episode. See who wins. The final race. Memphis vs. Facing off in Las Vegas. Both teams are tested to their limits when they face off outside of Las Vegas. Watch without signing in. More Full Episodes. Available Now. Sign In. Brought on to bring the heat to the street, Reaper is king of smack talkin' but often finds himself struggling to keep up.

Check out his long history of mechanical issues and bad mouthin'. Street Outlaws: Crash Course. He started with a small tire and soon learned that bigger is actually better. See how Chuck turned his luck around and became one of the most lethal drivers on the OKC streets. Learn why Dominator is a fan favorite and an all-around good guy to have on your side. Everyone knows not to judge a book by its cover, but people forget when they hit the streets.

Take a look the world's most notorious sleeper car The Farmtruck as it races fancy folks and their stock Lamborghinis and Porsches for glory and guap. He's been to the top in a Sonoma, a Corvette, and a Nova. No matter the car, Daddy Dave is always a threat when the light turns on.

Let 'er rip and learn why Daddy Dave is one of the 's fiercest drivers. The List wouldn't be the same without the silent street killer, Monza and his Sinister Split Bumper. See how he's grown to be one of the OKC's most consistent competitors. Once the King, now barely in reach of his old kingdom atop the List thanks to the dirty List Shakeup.High intensity, insane pressure, and extreme emotions rule in this ultimate Street Outlaws showdown, and only the best street racing team will make it to the finish line.

memphis street outlaws 2020 schedule

The series is produced by Pilgrim Media Group, a Lionsgate company. Louis, Kentucky, Mississippi, Detroit, NOLA, Texas and the Northeast — each claiming to be king of the streets — have assembled their teams in Memphis for the chance to prove their racing chops once and for all. Along the way, drivers rely on their street-hustle tactics and strategies to get under the skin of their rivals—talking trash to gain the mental advantage.

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Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings 13-Race 2020 Schedule Revealed

Diesel Army. Engine Tech.That is probably the biggest question that we have all asked as soon as we found out that the best of the best, are not going to be competing in a show that is called Fastest In America.

The very tittle of this confused us, because these guys have been proven over and over again to be the baddest street racing group out there, and after two years of No Prep they have now grabbed this tittle as well. The famous list is filled with cars which are way faster than the rest of the competitors out there and it is a real shame to not see them go against the fastest from all over the US if nothing just to see how much faster the is. I dont agree that they would win this event hands down.

Itll surprise me if Memphis wins it. I enjoy watching some of the first episodes of street outlaws when they went out and tested at night, and raced for pride and to be 1. Imo the show has gotten worse. Memphis has gotten to where its JJ and the girls.

How can you call yourself the fastest street racer when you only invited 8 teams. Not only that why did the 8 teams have to race each other and JJ team only raced one team.

It seem like JJ team just sat back on there ass where the other team ran there multi times and fixing there cars To be able to stay in the race. To be fair to see which team is the fastest he should of put his team in the line up. Then when it came down to The last 2 teams then you would know which team is the fastest street racer.

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memphis street outlaws 2020 schedule

If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.Street Outlaws will debut a fourth show in the popular series in This show will be called Street Outlaws: Fastest in America. It will debut on January 20, This joins the series that began with the Street Outlaws crew featuring the crew in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

That New Orleans series did not last. This Street Outlaws: Fastest in America will feature drivers in teams from several states. Those states include South Carolina, St.

One group missing is the crew.

memphis street outlaws 2020 schedule

The reason why they are not taking part is that Discovery ordered plus shows of the OG Street Outlaws show with the Oklahoma City crew.

JJ DaBoss will be the race master of the show. Discovery Channel said It is the highest payout in street racing history. The drivers will have to also work as a team, but also figure out the street and the surface that they are racing on. Damn that shit is wack. Piss poor planning, Period.

This information is false! The is not on Fastest in America for way different reasons than stated here. The hand drop and the chase is a race. Thats not real heads up racing thats hustle racing.

The wants a heads up light starts the race and if you jump its race over. This coming from the themselves. Discovery trying to cover the real reason for their absence. This probably will end up as discoveries biggest mistake to not incorporate the in this new series because it cannot be the fastest in America without them plain and simple Discovery Channel screwed up. They cannot be a part of it.

Here is the full list of drivers, who are appearing in the new show: Street Outlaws: Fastest in America that will debut on Monday night. The show will debut at 9 pm EST. Without OKC I will not be watching. This group of unknowns are not the fastest in America without OKC.Discovery is back on the streets.

[New] Street Outlaws 2020 -- No Prep Kings: Desert Dollars

New York — In Memphis, the cars are fast, the pavement is dangerous, and street racing is a family affair. The series is produced by Pilgrim Media Group. The special gives viewers a unique glimpse into the eventful life and times of JJ Da Boss. As JJ reveals details about his past — including when his desire to provide for his family led him down the wrong path and eventually to prison — he offers insights into lessons learned from losing everything, and how love and family are the true keys to life — and to winning.

Along with his wife Tricia, cousin Precious, and son Doughboy, JJ and the entire Memphis Street Outlaws team take on every challenger from across the country that comes their way — driving in real steel-bodied cars like their grandfathers and great-grandfathers drove.

Memphis owns its own style of street racing, with street racers going head to head on real asphalt. With few limits and a lot of heart, the Outlaws lay it all on the line with every single race; they know that bringing home pride, honor, and a chunk of cash requires serious skills and the courage to really hit the pavement hard — because in Memphis, only the fastest and baddest cars win.

What do you think? Will you watch season two? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Home News Cancelled or Renewed? Read more info below: New York — In Memphis, the cars are fast, the pavement is dangerous, and street racing is a family affair.

Most reacted comment. Hottest comment thread. Recent comment authors. Vote Up 0 0 Vote Down Reply. December 2, pm. Diana Hanson. Of course me and my hubby love that show. No JJ da Boss…no Discovery!

memphis street outlaws 2020 schedule

October 7, pm.

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