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Additional aircraft listings were filtered out that may be similar, click here to view. Well-equipped turbo Mooney with only total hours since new! Lots of options. Call WildBlue. More Info. WildBlue Aircraft Sales. Prairie Aircraft Sales Ltd. Pristine Mooney Ovation 3 loaded with only hours!! No damage history and all the options. This is the one!!! Airmart - Robert Sutherlin.

Xxzxx 2008 video Dave for more info! Jerry Christian Aircraft Sales. Jeff Pyles. Airmart - Adam Mabry. Always hangared, Impeccable technical records, Regularly fl Jay Kim.

Great Condition Mooney looking for a new home. This Mooney is ready to fly anywhere.We are delighted to have this stunning Mooney Rocket in stock at Dunkeswell. This aircraft is absolutely exceptional in every way boasting the very best IFR avionics specification that all pilots will appreciate. This aircraft has been maintained to the highest standards and has the benefit of a low time engine and prop, new oxygen tank and a host of extras including all important speed breaks!

Do be quick to secure this very special aircraft — Part exchange for lower cost complexed aircraft would be considered. The Mooney Rocket is known around the world as one of the best series of single-engine aircraft ever built. The Mooney Rocket was produced for almost 20 years as part of a partnership with a company out of Spokane, Washington known as Rocket Engineering Corp.

This partnership ultimately crafted produced the aircraft now known as the M20K Rocket. The Mooney M20K is popular because of its power and speed, but the Rocket blows all 20K performance specifications out of the water. Consequently, this smaller production Aircraft has become more specialised and really carved a niche for itself among pilots that are really in the know.

Pilots that love power and performance absolutely love this plane across the board. It has a ceiling of 31, feet, and gets a maximum range at the fastest time of roughly two hours of flight time. While the Rocket is not pressurized, the aircraft does feature a supplemental oxygen system to allow for flights of short duration at such an altitude. So, you should still get a really good cruise speed that will help you get you where you need to go in a real hurry.

mooney m20k specs

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It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. YEAR: We use cookies to give you the best experience on our website.Speed matters. Ask any pilot. Frustratingly, speed costs money and lots of speed, as the warbird set says, costs cubic money. It turns out that a nice selection of airplanes qualify for the club.

Naturally, our research lead to a number of caveats—few of the airplanes in the speed and price range were built in this century, and every single one of them is of sophisticated design with complex systems, so a careful pre-buy carried out by a maintenance technician who knows the type of aircraft is essential if you are going to avoid purchasing yourself a financial nightmare. We found that after-market mods turbocharging and turbonormalizing, boosted cruise speeds past the magic knot mark for many airplanes, but often added enough market value to the airplane to push it past our limiting number.

One mod is simply too new to evaluate—putting a Continental TSIO into a normally aspirated Cessna easily raises its cruise speed above knots, but the mod has not been around long enough to generate data on the change to the market value of the airplane. Finally, we found that the consistent rule of thumb to determine how many people, with modest baggage, you could carry with full fuel, most of the speedsters was to take the number of seats installed and subtract two.

For decades Mooney had an unimpeachable rep for speed with modest horsepower—the airplanes went like crazy while sipping gas. The payoff was a knot cruise speed increase. Owners report knots at FL while burning With 75 gallons usable fuel aboard, range, with VFR reserves, can approach nm when cruising in the flight levels. Real life payload with full fuel is as low as pounds and rarely more than pounds. After the went out of production, Mooney brought it back briefly as the Encore, bumping the horsepower to and increasing the useful load by pounds.

Two discontinued conversions by Rocket Engineering used the short-body Mooney airframe and turned a merely fast airplane into a screamer. Cruise speed jumps to as high as knots. Cruise speed is as high as knots in the high teens. One long-body Mooney met our parameters. As with all Mooneys, watch for corrosion, particularly in the cabin frame tubes and for fuel leaks. Even with but HP, the original Bonanza demonstrated that it was speedy.

While Beech never, in our opinion, quite got the turbocharging right on any of its Bonanzas, the V35TC served notice that the HP short-body Bonanzas, 33 and 35 series, especially the lighter weight ones, would really boogie at altitude if turbocharged. For the long-body Bonanza, the 36 series, the turbocharged A36TC and B36TC cruise faster than knots at altitude, and many fall within our price parameter.

Because the Bonanza line has been the beneficiary of what might be considered a mother lode of modifications, a buyer with a need for speed and a budget should, in our opinion, look for a Bonanza that has the Tornado Alley Turbo turbonormalizing mod.

This conversion is available for all IO and IOpowered Bonanzas and provides sea-level horsepower up to 20, feet. Turbonormalized, with a tip tank mod that boosts its gross weight from to pounds, it will carry pounds in the cabin with gallons of fuel aboard and fly nm at knots with VFR reserves.

The long-body 36 line started in and is still in production. Turbonormalized, it will cruise at knots. Cessna pioneered general aviation turbocharging in with the model Skyknight. Init hung a HP TSIOC on thecreatingthe TF, an airplane that had no published maximum operating altitude and would cruise at over knots in the flight levels.Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames. Mooney M20 performance and specifications.

Mooney has changed ownership several times over the years. It even became a French owned company for a while. The design of the M20 is one of the most outstanding aviation achievements. The tail is to say the least unusual.

However, it remains in the airflow at extreme attitudes and does not slow the thing down at all. What is even more unusual is that the entire tail hinges to enable trim changes. Unlike most modern aircraft, the fuselage has a moly steel space frame around the passenger compartment and this give vastly improved occupant survivability in the unfortunate event of an accident.

Many feel that the cockpit is cramped. This is an optical illusion, as the internal dimensions are very similar to a Bonanza. Control harmony takes an hour to get used to, and after that, most pilots fall in love.

After closing the doors a short time ago, Mooney is back again making these fine airplanes and the business seems to be going from strength to strength. The aircraft is a perfect long distance cruiser and is not all that bad air racing either!

If all of this seems a tad biased, perhaps it is. I owned a Mooney for some time and love them to this day! Dubbed the M20A, this all-wooden wing aircraft was in production until when the all-metal M20B was introduced.

mooney m20k specs

This was superseded by the M20C Mk 21 in In an additional model became available — the M20E Super 21 with a hp injected Lycoming giving a maximum cruise of mph. Back then, Air Facts magazine set up a race between the two rivals.

Conducted at low-level with throttles wide open, the Mooney outran the Comanche. Bysales at Mooney were booming, selling almost aircraft that year, with theM20F Executive with stretched fuselage offered a year later in The last of theM20Cs was built ina year after the popular hp M20J was introduced — known as the because the cruise speed was mph. In Mooney teamed up with Porsche and produced forty-one hpPorsche engined aircraft, the M20L — two of which are flying in Australia.

The incredibly quick, big-block Mooneys began rolling off the line in with the knot, hpM20M Bravo, followed by the hp M20ROvation in While the latest M20 Mooneys feature more power, speed, state-of-the-art avionics and luxuriously appointed interiors, the entire M20series have an almost identical airframe and many other features not found on other light aircraft. Without a doubt, the most distinguishing feature is the unique Mooney tail design with its forward sloping trailing-edge and vertical leading-edge.

The theory is that the tail design positions the rudder directly in-line with the airflow when at slow speeds and high nose attitudes. This makes the rudder more effective just when you really need it, such as when landing or approaching a stall. Probably a lesser known fact is that the Mooney pitch trim control moves the entire empennage rather than using drag inducing trim tabs.

Mooney M20K, 231/252

The flush riveted laminar flow Mooney wing is also a unique design in that it is very strong, one-piece and has a single spar from wingtip to wingtip. Apparently the fuselage can be removed and the wing rolled around on the wheels. The flaps stretch out over nearly two-thirds of the wing, while the ailerons are short and wide and run right to the tip of the wing — a combination designed to give better control at slow speeds.When we get a new airplane you will get a notification right away; even before we advertise.

Please watch the full video of this plane. Mooney is considered the best Mooney model by most. This Mooney Trophy conversion is similar to and has some rare features.

This plane has 28,ft ceiling, flies knots, burn only No other certified plane can do as efficiently. This Mooney has everything even a hard core pilot needs. Speed brakes, onboard oxygen, Garmin avionics package and many redundancy systems. All logs, in annual, IFR cert. We had long cross country trips and it flies really nice. Interior and exterior condition tell a lot about how previous owners cared for the plane. This Mooney has shiny 3 tone paint, very clean airframe, no corrosion, hail or damages.

Indicates a well cared for plane. Automatic wastegate so you don't worry about overboost - leads to longer engine and turbo life. Watch the video to learn about the engine management. This engine has higher TBO of Since it runs much cooler pilots fly well above TBO without even replacing cylinders unlike other turbocharged engines.

Dual alternator for redundancy. Very nice leather. Overall clean interior, carpets a little worn. Comfortable seats with height adjustment.

Unique feature - rear seats can fold forward to give a large cargo space. Beat most weather and catch nice high altitude tailwinds. Avionics to complement its capabilities with redundancies and backups. Also has SiriusXM satellite weather. Stormscope, so you have all available cockpit weather. Digital HSI. There was a hard landing recorded in All repairs done professionally; everything logged in detail.

It was 16 year ago and flown over hours since.The Mooney M20 is a family of piston-powered, propeller-driven general aviation aircraft, all featuring a low-wing and tricycle gear, manufactured by the Mooney Airplane Company. The "M20" was the twentieth design from Al Mooney, and his most successful. The M20 series was produced in many variations over the last 50 years, from the wooden wing M20 and M20A models of the s, to the M20TN Acclaim that debuted in the 21st century and is currently in production.

The Mooney M20 series has been produced in three fuselage lengths: the "short body", "medium body" including M20Jand "long body" types. Only the long body Mooneys are in current production. Although all M20s have four seats, the fuselage length increase provided more passenger legroom but with a slight performance decrease. Other airplane improvements over the years more than compensated for the effects of a longer fuselage.

Early in the model's history there were several incidents of wooden tails breaking up in flight due to water damage and the resulting rot. Without the possibility of metal fatigue, the wooden wing has an indefinite life expectancy and is considered by some pilots provide a smoother ride in turbulence. The M20 received its type certification on 24 August with the M20A following on 13 February Mooney M20B Mooney addressed the dwindling supply of woodworkers by switching to an all metal design in with the M20B.

There have been no reported in-flight breakups of all-metal M20s other than as a result of flight directly into a thunderstorm.

mooney m20k specs

The aircraft was intended primarily for flight training and for owners seeking lower insurance rates. The M20D lasted in production only until Most have now been converted to M20Cs for increased cruise speed and climb performance.

It was type certified on 04 September This short body Mooney still has the distinction of having the shortest takeoff runway requirement at lower elevations. Turbocharging, which would maintain this performance at higher elevations, is available as an after-market option. The M20F is otherwise similar to the M20E. The M20G Statesman, produced —, was a stretched M20C incorporating the carburated hp engine. Many M20G owners later converted to the hp engine.

In Mooney made electrically-operated landing gear and flaps standard across all its aircraft. Prior to that, pilots extended and retracted the standard landing gear using a heavy metal Johnson bar.The Mooney M20 is a family of piston-poweredfour-seat, propeller-driven, general aviation aircraftall featuring low wings and tricycle gearmanufactured by the Mooney International Corporation.

The M20 was the 20th design from Al Mooneyand his most successful. The series has been produced in many variations over the last 60 years, from the wooden-wing M20 and M20A models of[3] to the M20V Acclaim Ultra that debuted in More than 11, aircraft in total have been produced.

Aircraft Performance Data

In Novemberthe company announced that it was halting all production as a result of the lates recessionbut would still provide parts and support for the existing fleet. Since then, the company has released two more M20 models. Al Mooney had been developing preliminary designs for the four-seater M20 for some time, while the single-seat M Mite was in production in the late s and early s.

Inside Look: Owning a Mooney M20 + More - The Prebuy Guys

When in early the company moved from Wichita, Kansasto Kerrville, Texasand when it became clear that the Mite was nearing the end of its production, development of the M20 accelerated. The first M20 flight took place on September 3,and it was certified on August 24, Duringthe company sold 10 of the M20 airplanes. Inthey delivered 51 airplanes, and in the total was The combination of speed and efficiency was noteworthy.

This was the first year the company made a profit. The M20A continued production intowhen were delivered.

mooney m20k specs

These were the last of the Mooneys to have wooden structures in the wings and tail. Without the possibility of metal fatigue, the wooden wing has an indefinite life expectancy and is considered by some pilots to provide a smoother ride in turbulence.

Louis, Missouriand take over management of the engineering efforts. He insisted on replacing the wood in the M20 with aluminium, and the all-metal M20B was completed by the end ofless than a year after his arrival. Inthe company sold M20B airplanes. The following year, the M20C was introduced and were sold that year.

Inthe M20D was introduced, essentially an M20C with fixed landing gear and a fixed-pitch propeller. This had a slightly lower price than the M20C and was intended as a basic or trainer model which would have lower insurance costs and which would compete with the Piper Cherokee The M20D was produced from to with a total production of units. It was also based on the M20C but with a more powerful hp kW Lycoming fuel-injected engine.

The company sold M20E units that year. Ina new feature was introduced to the M It was called "positive control" and was a single-axis autopilot produced by Brittain Industries.

It maintained the wings of the airplane in a level position unless a button on the control wheel was depressed for turns and banks. It was a controversial feature, liked by some pilots and disliked by others. A new model, the M20F Executive 21, offered more legroom due to a inch 25 cm increase in cabin length which also allowed for a third fuselage side window. It had a larger airframe than the M20C, but the same engine, and as a result was slower.

It was not as successful as the M20F and was produced for only three years, from towith a total production run of units. Despite strong sales, Mooney was short of cash. The company went into chapter 7 bankruptcy in earlyand was acquired by American Electronics Laboratories and then Butler Aviation International. Sales that year were less than half of the previous year's figures, although a new version of the M20E Chaparral was released with electrically operated flaps and landing gear.

Butler Aviation also acquired the troubled Aerostar company and combined it with Mooney in an attempt to save both. The Mooney name was dropped inas was the M20 designation; the planes were called Aerostars.

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