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Clements Library, University of Michigan. This collection has been processed according to minimal processing procedures and may be revised, expanded, or updated in the future. He graduated from Columbia College now Columbia University in and was admitted to the New York bar inafter which he established a legal practice in Hudson, New York. Hamilton married Mary Morris, the daughter of Robert Morris, in October and served in the military during the War of Andrew Jackson later appointed him district attorney for the Southern District of New York, though Hamilton's political sympathies later moved from the Democratic Party to the Whig and Republican Parties.

James Alexander Hamilton died on September 24, They had three children: Philip, Louisa Lee, and Georgina. He worked as a civil engineer and his hobbies included yacht racing.

quarantined u of m design class makes dope furniture of found materials

He died on July 31, In her early twenties, Schuyler found herself drawn to charitable work and volunteered as a teacher for the Children's Aid Society. Schuyler recuperated from postwar exhaustion in Europe and Egypt, and continued her charitable service upon her return to New York inworking with organizations such as the State Charities Aid Association and creating the first training school for nurses in the United States at Bellevue Hospital in She took a special interest in humane care for the mentally ill, and, in later years, worked for the prevention of blindness.

She was awarded an honorary LL. Louisa Lee Schuyler died on October 10, The papers provide insight into upper-class life in New York throughout much of the 19th century.

The Correspondence series 78 items makes up the bulk of the collection. George Lee Schuyler composed much of the earliest correspondence in the collection, informing his brother William of his experiences while away at school in Bloomingdale, New York; one of these is written in Spanish.

Other early material in the collection describes Hamilton family vacations, including several letters by James A. Hamilton written while he toured Europe in and These letters are notable not only for their descriptions of 19th-century Europe, but also for Hamilton's opinions on the financial crisis that developed in the United States during the Panic of Later correspondence includes letters written to Louisa Lee Schuyler concerning her charitable work, particularly focusing on her advocacy of humane care for the mentally ill.

In addition to loose correspondence, the collection includes a letterbook outlining the contents of "Correspondence between Mrs. Orville Dewey" Many of these letters are represented by excerpts, and include Schuyler's reactions to the Civil War.

The Documents and Photograph series 4 items includes a military commission signed by Lewis Cass June 30,a detailed household inventory for the Schuyler family farma marriage certificate March 1,and a photograph of Julia Boggs Livingston Undated. The School Papers series 15 items is made up of two subseries, both related to the education of George Schuyler. The first subseries, Marks and Rewards of Merit 4 itemscontains accolades for high performance.The University of Michigan Museum of Art is everywhere you are — on social media, in the classroom, and around campus.

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UMMA is profiling artists in our community through studio tours and visits. Follow along on UMMA's social media channels! Tait Design Co. Read the full profile on The Annex. She primarily works with scrap materials she finds and then recrafts into a piece—like using found metal to construct a sculpture.

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Wagner is attracted to this style of painting because of its spontaneity and authenticity. Read the full profile on Facebook. Though he did not plan to be an artist, his interests in ceramics led to professional work.

At construction or urban development sites, trees are cut down and chopped into firewood or simply left for mulch never to be used. Eric Frier, the owner of the company, wanted to find a way to make use of these discarded trees. Watch this video to see his solution:. Thanks to the many visitors who stopped in from January, and left a sticky note on our information desk.

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U of M: 2 students asked to self-quarantine after coronavirus exposure

Subscribe Today! Events Calendar Events Calendar.Ordering animals through the appropriate channels is critical to ensuring that your project gets off to the right start. The services below are available to the U-M animal care and use community.

Step-by-step instructions on how to order animals through eRAM can be found here. To help ensure availability and timely delivery, please make sure that animals are ordered seven 7 days prior to your requested delivery date. Sheep orders must be placed ten 10 days prior to the requested delivery date. Although ULAM is responsible for checking and delivering animals to their assigned housing room, investigators are strongly encouraged to conduct their own examinations upon arrival to ensure that the animal order is correct.

Order discrepancies must be reported to ULAM at within 48 hours of delivery. The University tracks many of the costs associated with day-to-day animal care and use through a barcoding system, which is primarily managed through eRAM. This includes important information about the Principal Investigator, approved protocol, animal handling details, animal health history, and more. For more information, please review the following Quick Reference Guides:. Study teams who wish to have animals shipped to the University of Michigan from other institutions or non-commercial vendors i.

Investigators are responsible for paying all quarantine-associated costs, including technician time, laboratory testing, and per-diems. Once the animals are released from quarantine, ULAM will transfer them to the appropriate animal housing room. Additional details can be found on the Transporting Animals page. Skip to main content.

quarantined u of m design class makes dope furniture of found materials

Posted on: Wednesday, March 18, - The University of Minnesota confirms two students who recently returned from Europe have been advised to self-quarantine for 14 days after being "in close contact, while in Europe, with an individual confirmed to have COVID," according to a university statement.

Upon landing at the airport the two passengers were evaluated on the plane by a medical professional, who determined they did not show symptoms of the coronavirus, also referred to as COVID They were met by a quarantine officer here at the airport.

As a precaution, MDH advised the passengers to self-quarantine for a period of 14 days. If they develop symptoms during that time, they will be tested for the coronavirus. Other passengers on the flight would then be notified if either tested positive. However, it is important to note that these students have not been in any University-owned buildings, including academic buildings or residence halls, since returning to the U.

Tim Walz. MDH says these actions to isolate and monitor passengers potentially exposed to the coronavirus are simply part of a larger effort to keep the risk of spreading to others as low as possible.

State health officials are also using the situation as a reminder for Minnesotans to take simple measures to prevent contracting and spreading the virus. You can access more facts and information on the coronavirus through a special section on kare Southeast braces for another round of severe storms. Nine killed in Indonesia mining accident. Officer killed, two injured in Texas attack.

Ex-mayor who quit after criticizing Trump dies in crash. Cosby won't get out of prison early, rep says. UK announces first Bangladesh rescue flights. Iran extends prisoner furloughs, closure of holy sites. Ex-Indy Rookie of the Year Lazier dies.

Another year, another Wonderlic leak. Director of Wuhan lab denies virus link. DeSantis: K schools will remain closed for rest of year. Broadway star to have leg amputated. The pandemic took their jobs, then it wiped out their health insurance.

Best moments from 'One World'. The hidden effects of a quarantined NFL draft. Debt collectors target stimulus checks — 5 ways to stop them. With limited internet, one mom finds a way to home-school outside the home.

Here's why the Mustang's 5. Randall Emmett pays tribute to Lala Kent on their canceled wedding day. Capturing Jordan unfiltered is the best part of 'The Last Dance'. The overworked, underpaid workers fighting the pandemic.

Quarantined University of Minnesota class makes dope furniture of found materials – City Pages

Obama 'eager' to help Biden defeat Trump in election. Trump's policies, border wall have been critical in containing coronavirus, CBP chief says: 'We're much better positioned now'. Could MLB keep older coaches safe amid coronavirus risk? Amid virus, young adults eye moving back in with parents.

These quarantine self-portraits are hauntingly beautiful. Ford Mustang was world's best selling sports car in A Key G. Strategy: Blame China.In my "Greater Roumania" I devoted a chapter to Bessarabia, but felt that any extended study was hopeless for the moment.

Now it has begun to lift, and the student at last has access to some genuine documents, and to several years of the new administration. Besssarabia is one of those border provinces which broke away from the Russian body politic and established separate governments. The Bolshevists, who in the beginning championed self-determination for smaller nationalities, seem now to have adopted the traditioanl Russian policy, particularly of expansion toward Constatinople and possession of the Straits.

Bessarabia was annexed over a century ago, as a step in that direction. If an imperialist policy prevails in Moscow, recovery of Bessarabia must be a cardinal aim of Soviet effort. It behooves us then to come to know the diverse elements of the Bessarabian problem, if we are to follow with intelligence the course of events in contemporary Europe.

This book has grown out of my endeavors to collect material useful for my lectures on the historical backgrounds of European problems. Nowhere could I find any comprehensive and reasonably impartial discussion of Bessarabia. I ploughed through thousands of pages of Roumanian and Russian books and pamphlets, and paid two extended visits to the province, the latter in including automobile trips of several hundred miles. The accumulated material seemed to me of sufficient general interest and value to be submitted to the public.

Every historical student will appreciate the difficulty of the task. Material is still scanty for some periods and aspects of the problem, abundant for others; thus the tratment is bound to be unequal. Nor is it possible to achieve impartiality; my sympathies are strong for the inarticulate Bessarabian peasant, a sturdy representative of the Roumanian race, against bureaucracies and exploiters, Russian or Roumanian; but I have tried to give a just presentation of all essential factors involved.

It has not been possible to reach consistency in the transcription of Bessarabian proper names. I have used "province" for the Russian "gubernia," and "county" for the Russian "oblast'," Roumanian "judetz. I must thank the Roumanian Government, and in particular M. Ion Duca, the then Foreign Minister, and the gentlemen enumerated before the Bibliography, together with many others, for every possible aid and facilitation in my travels and researches.

quarantined u of m design class makes dope furniture of found materials

In Bessarabia itself, I was most kindly treated by Gen. Rudeano, then in command, and by a host of Bessarabians. Cazacu, now of Jassy but formerly of the Bessarabian Diet, has given me several rare Russian and Roumanian books and pamphlets; I have found his book the safest guide through the vicissitudes of Bessarabian history.

I fell indebted also to Prof. Nistor, and to many others whom it would be invidious to mention. I am grateful also to various Russian refugees in Paris and London, who helped me secure rare Russian publications which I have utilized. I have no doubt that these gentlemen, whether Russian or Roumanian, will disagree with my statements and my deductions; but I hope they, and my readers in general, will find evidence of careful study, and a constant effort to present both sides.

If we imagine Nebraska transported bodily, climate and all, and set down on the Gulf of Mexico, between the Mississippi and the Alabama Rivers, we shall have some idea of the appearance and the relative location of Bessarabia, with its frontage on the Black Sea, between the Danube and the Dniester. If we further visualize a welter of nationalities all about, of different languages and religions, who have trekked and warred over this tract of land since the beginnings of history, we can in some measure conceive what Bessarabia's fate has been through the centuries.

It lay directly in the path of the great migrations of Scythians, Goths, Vandals, Slavs, Huns, Bulgars, and Tartars-to name only the most important of the tribes who have plundered its prairies; rarely has it long enjoyed a settled government.

To this day it keeps a frontier air. An American from one of our western wheat or plains states, driving over dirt roads across the Bessarabian steppes, feels perfectly at home, until a group of picturesque wind-mills, indication of the village hidden in the wide coulee below, recalls to him that he is in a foreign land. And how foreign, he soon learns.Go to Making Light's front page.

What does this mean? Here's a quick introduction. Or, alternatively, to have attended the fictional Walt Whitman High School in Los Angeles, where he might have learned about the assassination of his predecessor in a history class in Room Here's a pointer back to OT Because, yes, I am obsessive. I'm so happy!! But I'll take it! Especially since that's where the guinea pig output is now going, so it's no additional effort. Those have the advantage that there's a seal inside, so the lids stay clean.

The apple muffin is good; I sometimes throw in a spoon or so of dried cranberries in addition. Batman: Reading the Riddler's clue "When is a clock like a train? Has some lovely nonsense as a gloss. Always at night. Yeah, I think it's mostly the freight train engineers, going through my area where there are three or four crossings in a mile, and not always in the wee hours.

I live only about half a mile from the track, and at night I can hear them for as much as a couple of miles. The daytime freights are "locals" - two or three cars, mostly lumber, going to the next couple of cities north.

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The longer ones are mostly at night, when there's much less traffic on both streets and tracks. During the brief period when I played church bells they were managed via a short keyboardthere were definitely people out there that heard and commented on the rather secular music choices.

quarantined u of m design class makes dope furniture of found materials

Want to hear a tin-can cello and a wooden cello trading beats? While taking Sarah then four years old on a ride on the tiny train in my home town's city park, I heard a fellow passenger and train enthusiast explain to the engineer the code of whistle toots used by the real trains. There was something like a long one when they were a mile from the station, and two short ones when approaching some type of crossing.Tired of never finding the perfect backpack for you?

I was, and so I decided to create my own custom backpack from scratch. It took some thoughtful design and hard work, but now I have a bag literally tailored to my needs. This tutorial covers a broad range of sewing topics and skills—everything from drawing your design, creating a prototype, editing a pattern, and even adding foam support structures. Thus keep in mind that this project requires advanced sewing skills!

Have a look through the entire tutorial to gauge if you are experienced enough before you buy materials! If you'd like to get some practice in before trying to make your own backpack, check out my sewing collection on Instructables. Of course, you can make this backpack your own by editing the design to suit your backpack needs.

Please note that I used an industrial walking foot sewing machine to make my backpack. It is possible to sew a backpack with a regular consumer sewing machine, but you will just have to choose your fabrics appropriately. This post originally appeared on Instructables. You can find many of the materials I used on Amazon: Corduraripstop1" webbing2" seatbelt webbingbinding tapesports mesh fabricfoamcam buckleD-Ring2" velcrozipper2" buckle.

This is the fun part, designing your backpack! Think about everything you use your backpack for. What do you like about other backpacks? It's okay to base your backpack off something you've already seen and modify it. What don't you like about other backpacks? If you hate using zippers, then don't design one into your bag!

Do you have a long torso? Do you like a small backpack for essentials or a big backpack to fit everything plus the kitchen sink? Consider your wants and needs before you get designing. I like to keep my bag simple but give a specific place for objects I carry everyday.

It might be a good idea to empty out your current backpack and examine what you carry and how you might like to accommodate those items. I also designed my bag to include an internal laptop pocket to hold my laptop and sketchbook, which I have on me at all times. Additionally, I like to have a small zippered pocket for smaller items that I need easily accessible, like my cellphone and wallet, so I made sure I would have a secure pocket located on the inside of the top of my bag making it easy for me to get to without having to dig through my bag, but is still safe from thieves!

I always carry a water bottle but with my old bag I could only store it inside the bag. While hiking through Arches National Park, I had to keep stopping to take off my bag, just to get to my water. To fix this, I designed two front pouches big enough to fit my favorite water bottle and other quick access items that don't need to be as secure as my phone and wallet. I commute to work by bike so I decided to include reflective webbing in my backpack for increased visibility on the road.

I liked the strap design of my old backpack so I kept the design mostly the same—no need to reinvent the wheel when effective designs already exist. If you like to carry your pet cactus around, why not include a cactus holding pocket! This is your custom backpack and that's the advantage of making it yourself—it's for you, by you. Now that you've spent some time thinking about your ideal backpack, it's time to draw it. It doesn't have to be perfect; you don't need to be an artist.

This drawing is meant to help you understand your design, work out any potential problems before you start sewing, and facilitate the transition into pattern making. You might have all sorts of plans about including enough pockets to hold 17 cats and shoulder mounted lasers I know I did.

Drawing will help you realize if you can fit all these components, how they'll go together, and how difficult they'll be to construct. First I draw my design in orthographic views front, back, side, top, bottom.

This helps get the basic placement of things down without getting distracted by trying to draw in perspective. Once I have the basic design down, I draw it in different states in perspective to reveal any components hidden inside.

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