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Huge venture capital investments and massive funding rounds dominated the media landscape in recent years—but who are they really for? Thankfully, the development and popularity of the blockchain has introduced many unique opportunities to disrupt the system for instance, through the use of tokenization, a process where financial assets are divided and traded in terms of digital tokens.

Obviously, there are many other ways the blockchain can help change the venture capital other than tokenization, leading to an increasing number of companies using the blockchain to change the status quo of the industry.

Out of all the impressive projects to have come out in the past year or so, none of them seem to be more promising than Equia revolutionary blockchain startup that is set to drastically change how venture capitals are done today. EQUI is a company that aims to revolutionize the venture capital industry by using the blockchain to allow regular individuals to access venture capitals and invest in them.

Holders of the EQUItoken can trade or hold it like normal cryptocurrencies but the most important function of it is that it can be used to invest in funds and investment opportunities listed in Equi. As mentioned earlier, EQUI will allow regular individuals to invest by listing ample investment opportunities that are previously only available to institutions and high net-worth individuals.

These opportunities are comprised of industries such as real-world assets, tech companies, and other projects or ideas that have the potential to leave a mark on the world. The main component of the platform is the EQUItoken which will be used to access the features of the platform which includes investing in companies listed on Equi. In terms of the participants on the platform, they will be divided into three categories: investorsholdersor traders. If an investment is sold, the investor will receive the total amount of the sale in ETH to their cryptocurrency wallets immediately.

Investors also receive bonuses for holding and spending tokens in the form of EQUItokens, adding another benefit to becoming an investor on Equi. Investors are not limited in the number of opportunities they can invest in and they are also not restricted in terms of choosing projects to invest in. By doing so, Equi ensures an environment where investors are free to choose and decide where their investments go to.

Holders are have transferred their EQUItokens to the Equi platform but have yet to use any of their tokens; they are also subject to receiving bonuses from Equi simply by ensuring that their tokens are on the platform. Like all blockchain-based platforms, data stored and collected by Equi is completely transparent which means that the chances of fraud and data breaches happening in Equi are close to zero. First-time users will need to pass a KYC process before completing their registrations and they will be provided an Ethereum wallet for depositing their EQUItokens once the sign-up process is complete.

Equi will be holding a token sale for the EQUItoken which will be used to power transactions and invest in opportunities in the platform. As our editor-in-chief, Daniel is at the helm of our smart tech commentary ship. He is fascinated by this new direction that the tech industry — and really all industry — is taking, and understands the potential, the power, and the promise of putting capital funding in the hands of the public.

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Oracle Sound Healing: Healing our Self Worth, Self Value, and restoring our original Divine Self.

Introducing EQUI. By Daniel As our editor-in-chief, Daniel is at the helm of our smart tech commentary ship. Search the site.Third parties use many different types of credit scores and will not use the Equifax 3-Bureau credit scores to assess your creditworthiness.

Enacted inthe California Consumer Privacy Act creates new consumer rights regarding access to, deletion of, and selling of personal information to 3rd parties. Placing, lifting and removing a security freeze is free. You can place, temporarily lift, or permanently remove a security freeze on your Equifax credit report in several ways. To place, temporarily lift or permanently remove a security freeze on your Experian or TransUnion credit reports, please contact them directly.

Placing a fraud alert on your credit reports is free. Once your fraud alert or active duty alert is placed, you can also check its status through myEquifax. You can contact any of the three nationwide credit bureaus to request an initial fraud alert or active duty alert. Once you have placed an initial fraud alert or active duty alert on your credit report with one of the bureaus, that bureau will send a request to the other two bureaus to do the same, so you do not have to contact all three.

You can also request an initial one-year fraud alert or active duty alert:. If you see information on your credit reports you believe is incomplete or inaccurate, a good first step is to contact the lender or creditor directly. This is especially helpful if the information involves your name or address.

Updating your personal information with lenders and creditors can help ensure the information reported to the three nationwide credit bureaus—Equifax, Experian and TransUnion — is correct. If you need to dispute information with the credit bureaus, the fastest way to do so is online. You can file a dispute on the following sites:. To assist with your dispute, you may need to upload documents.

Most dispute investigations are completed within 30 days, and you will receive a notification once your investigation is complete. There are several ways you can get free credit reports. A security freeze is one step you can take to help prevent access to your Equifax credit report to open new credit accounts, with certain exceptions.

Security freezes are federally regulated, and a security freeze must be temporarily lifted or permanently removed each time you apply for new credit.

Equi-Marginal Principle in Managerial Economics

Placing, temporarily lifting and permanently removing a security freeze also known as a credit freeze on your Equifax credit report is free. To freeze your credit reports at the other two nationwide credit bureaus, you will need to contact Experian www. A fraud alert is a notice on your credit report that alerts creditors you may be a victim of fraud, including identity theft.

A fraud alert can make it harder for someone to open unauthorized accounts in your name. It encourages lenders and creditors to take extra steps to verify your identity, such as contacting you by phone, before opening a new credit account in your name or making changes to existing accounts. There are two types of fraud alerts you can place on your credit report, and both are free.

An initial fraud alert remains on your credit report for one year, unless you choose to remove it sooner, and can be renewed for additional one-year periods. An extended fraud alert remains on your credit report for seven years unless you choose to remove it sooner. You can contact any of the three nationwide credit bureaus to request a fraud alert. Once you have you placed a fraud alert on your credit report with one of the bureaus, that bureau will send a request to the other two bureaus to do the same, so you do not have to contact all three.

Internet Scanning scans thousands of Internet sites where consumers' personal information is suspected of being bought and sold, and is constantly adding new sites to those it searches.

However, the Internet addresses of these suspected Internet trading sites are not published and frequently change, so there is no guarantee that we are able to locate and search every possible Internet site where consumers' personal information is at risk of being traded. We will require you to provide your payment information when you sign up.

We will immediately charge your card the price stated and will charge the card the price stated for each month you continue your subscription.

You may cancel at any time; however, we do not provide partial month refunds. In connection with various settlements, Equifax is making at least six additional free Equifax credit reports each year available online to U.

These reports are included in the free weekly Equifax credit reports currently offered on annualcreditreport.The equimarginal principle states that consumers will choose a combination of goods to maximise their total utility. This will occur where. For most goods, we expect to see diminishing marginal returns.

This means the marginal utility of the fifth good tends to be lower than the marginal utility of the first good. The more we buy, the less total utility increases. This will occur where The consumer will consider both the marginal utility MU of goods and the price.

This is known as the marginal utility of expenditure on each item of good. Then the optimum combination of goods would be quantity of 4. We divide the MU by the price. Goods can be split up into small units Marginal utility and diminishing marginal returns For most goods, we expect to see diminishing marginal returns. Limitations of marginal utility theory The difficulty of evaluating utility. Instead, they often purchase out of habit or gut feeling.

worthiness based interpretation of equi

Consumers are not always rational. For example, we often see over-consumption of demerit goods goods which give very low marginal benefit.

Or consumers may be influenced by advertising and purchase on impulse. Numerous goods. In the real world, consumers have fluctuating income, and innumerable goods to choose between. This makes even rough calculations difficult. Many goods are related — the utility of a video recorder, depends on the quality of video cassettes. Related Diminishing marginal returns Marginal utility theory Isoquant and isocosts. Our site uses cookies so that we can remember you, understand how you use our site and serve you relevant adverts and content.

Click the OK button, to accept cookies on this website. OK and Continue to the site Privacy policy.Are you in control of who you give credit terms to? Read this quick guide to help you combat late payments from customers. Whether lending for 30, 60 or even 90 days, your cashflow can suffer greatly when customers are late to pay. This lack of cashflow can impact on other areas of your business and slow your trading down dramatically. As receiving payments on time is so important for business success, how can you help to ensure your debtors are good for their payments and what are the best methods for keeping on top of your payment agreements?

Read on to find out…. Are they likely to be able to pay? There are a number of ways to test how likely a customer is to pay their invoices on time. Most methods require a little time, but, depending on the importance of the potential customer, could help to ensure your cashflow runs smoothly. For instance, if a small business is owned by a sole owner, it is likely that their personal credit rating is reflective of their professional credit rating — an accepted credit rating would usually be 75 or higher.

Credit reports can be purchased from any of the three main credit reporting agencies Experian, Equifax or TransUnion. Asking your potential customer for a bank reference can also give you a basic opinion on how risky the bank thinks your potential customer is.

EQUI – Using The Blockchain To Open Venture Capitals & Investment Opportunities To All Individuals

Although you should not base your decision entirely on this, it can provide a great start for assessing risk. Who better to ask about a customer's credit than the people who currently deal with the customer? This is probably one of the more useful methods of credit checks where you ask the customer's suppliers how good the customer is at paying on time. One of the issues which can arise is that your potential customer will only ask a happy supplier to provide a reference.

It is also possible that the customer has a good relationship with only one of their suppliers. Although a relatively high expense compared to other methods, hiring a professional credit checking agency will give you the best assessment of the risk if you were to offer credit to a customer. This method may be best held back for larger customers, where you stand to lose far more if they don't pay on time.

Using a pro-forma approach can help build trust between you and the customer. By asking for immediate payment of the invoice for the first few transactions, you can gain evidence that will support whether the customer is strong enough to pay once given credit.By using our services it is assumed that you have read the guidelines provided here, and are expected to follow them.

As of December 20, all new bidder registration will need to register a credit card as a form of identification. The Internet being the fragile environment that it is; BidBuy. Notifications sent by BidBuy. In the event of any problems, we reserve the right to cancel, restart, or extend an item or a complete auction as the circumstances may dictate. The auction and related services provided by Werner Auction Group Inc.

6 easy ways to credit check your customers

By accessing or using the Services or the Website or by registering as either a buyer or seller "Buyer", "Seller" or "User"you agree that 1 you have read the Terms and Conditions, 2 you understand the Terms and Conditions, and 3 you are bound by the Terms and Conditions in your use of the Services and the Website. If you do not agree to the Terms and Conditions, you may not access or use the Services or the Website.

If you do not understand the Terms and Conditions, please contact bidbuy. All potential bidders must register online at www. Live auction events require a valid driver's license or a photo identification. You must be at least 18 years old to bid on any item. After accepting registration, refusal to permit a person's or entity's continuing use of the Services and the Website for any reason is at bidbuy.

User acknowledges and agrees that Bidbuy. Any amendment of the Terms and Conditions will be reflected on the Website. User is encouraged to periodically review the Terms and Conditions posted on the Website. Use of the Services and the Website constitutes acceptance of the Terms and Conditions, including any amendments.

Auctions can last up to 30 days but usually 10 to 14 days. Bidding terminates automatically at a predetermined time that will be posted in the Auction Details. All times are Central Standard Time Zone. ALL of our Auctions will close using an extended bidding format. This feature allows the auction to function like a live auction by extending the time for 3 minutes on any item that has active bidding within the last minute of that item closing. It also allows customers with slower computer connections a fair opportunity to bid; by eliminating the bidders that use computer sniping software to place bids within the last second of an auction out bidding you.

When the auction ends, all winning bidders will be notified by e-mail within 24 hours of auction close. Please wait for your email before contacting Bidbuy. If the winning bidder fails to perform within three 3 business days, BidBuy. This does not relieve the original bidder of any obliagtions to Bidbuy.

Non performing Bidder will be liable for any and all losses, attorney's fees, storage, collection costs etc. All sales are final. No returns or refunds will be permitted, unless authorized by the seller in writing. In the event of any dispute concerning the winning bid price for an asset, the record kept by bidbuy. In addition to those other obligations set forth herein, Buyer acknowledges and agrees that by placing a bid on an asset, Buyer represents, warrants and covenants 1 that it shall not misrepresent its ability to close the transaction pursuant to the terms and conditions of sale, and in accordance with these Terms and Conditions, 2 that it has the capacity to close the transaction, 3 that it has actual authority to enter a bid, and to enter into an agreement to purchase the asset, and 4 that any bid that is made on an item constitutes an irrevocable offer to buy the item for the full amount of the bid.

In order to bid in an auction, you must first register with BidBuy.In mathematics, the discount factor is a calculation of the present value of future happiness, or more specifically it is used to measure how much people will care about a period in the future as compared to today. The discount factor is a weighting term that multiplies future happiness, income, and losses in order to determine the factor by which money is to be multiplied to get the net present value of a good or service.

Because the value of today's dollar will intrinsically be worth less in the future due to inflation and other factors, the discount factor is often assumed to take on values between zero and one. For example, with a discount factor equal to 0. In a multi-period model, agents may have different utility functions for consumption or other experiences in different time periods.

Usually, in such models, they value future experiences, but to a lesser degree than present ones. For simplicity, the factor by which they discount next period's utility may be a constant between zero and one, and if so it is called a discount factor. One might interpret the discount factor not as a reduction in the appreciation of future events but as a subjective probability that the agent will die before the next period, and so discounts the future experiences not because they aren't valued, but because they may not occur.

A present-oriented agents discounts the future heavily and so has a LOW discount factor. Contrast discount rate and future-oriented. Share Flipboard Email.

What Is a Discount Factor?

Social Sciences Economics U. Mike Moffatt. Professor of Business, Economics, and Public Policy. Mike Moffatt, Ph. Updated April 10, Toggle navigation Toggle navigation Toggle navigation. Register Login. Home All Experts Alice Mackintosh. Share your own health tip. She also has a scientific background with a prior degree in Biomedical Sciences from Leeds University.

worthiness based interpretation of equi

Using her knowledge and experience she now advises on all aspects of nutrition with private clients in London. Alice is co-founder of Equi London, a range high quality nutritional supplements formulated for busy, heath conscious urbanites. Most recently, Alice had combined forces with bestselling author Rachel Kelly to create The Happy Kitchen, a cookbook and nutritional guide to eating for mental health, hitting stores in January Connect with Alice Mackintosh. Health Tips By Alice Mackintosh.

Our immune system is constantly up against it, being regularly bombarded by foreign invaders. At this time of year more people are unwell meaning we are exposed to more cold and flu viruses, and we Read more. Low energy is one of the most common issues in the UK, and the problem is that there are so many reasons why we can be feeling lethargic or exhausted.

worthiness based interpretation of equi

Stress, low blood sugar, poor sleep, nutrient Tired all the time? Maybe you need to think about your stress levels. Try and include these 5 different foods in your diet. They all work to help improve your mood and make you feel happier long-term! The problem is that skin is a very complex organ that relies Working out also burns up magnesium, so it is pretty common to be deficient, You can be as skinny as you like, but if you are bloated, you won't feel it.

Digestive problems such as bloating, cramping, indigestion, gas and anything else on the IBS spectrum are incredibly Alice Mackintosh's Articles.

Are You Snacking Too Much?

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